Builders & Roofers

When ladders just wont do the job and the cost of scaffolding is hard to justify.

Wouldn’t it be handy to have a birds-eye view?

Phantom Aerial Films provide an aerial photography service for builders and roofing contractors. Using flight telemetry we are able to project images, the drone captures from above the target, to an iPad on the ground. This allows the contractor to assess for himself what repairs the building may require to estimate costs for his customer.

Aerial footage of a building or roofing fault removes all of the uncertainty when viewing and discussing the problem from ground level. It’s there in black and white on screen, or rather in full colour 4K! Having photographic evidence, when dealing with insurance companies, can be highly beneficial!

The use of aerial imagery in building and roofing work is becoming increasingly common and can be used for your work portfolio if images are taken once the work is complete. Elevate your building and roofing work by using aerial drone commercial photography from Phantom Aerial Films.

Here are some images of an aerial roof survery on Marine Rd, Morecambe:

Your View from the Sky - Phantom Aerial Films

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Safety & Qualifications

Based in North Lancashire our aim is to provide outstanding aerial footage while maintaining the highest level of safety and professionalism. Our qualified UAV (drone) pilots have permission for 'aerial work' granted by the Civil Aviation Authority which means they are legally, privacy laws not withstanding, able to obtain the photographs and moving images you need whatever your requirements.


Lancaster and District Heritage Group have engaged Gary of Phantom Films on several aerial photography jobs including Quay Meadow site investigation, Nicholson's works and the preparation of documentary evidence to be submitted to Historic England for a building protection application. The work and professionalism has been of the highest standards and we look forward to instructing Phantom Films for more birds eye pictures of our local heritage in the future.

Andrew Brown
Secretary Lancaster and District Heritage Group
March 2017

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